Kuru Kururu community enters into apiary programme
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– hopes to have greater economic development
To foster economic and social development in their community, members of the Kuru Kururu Farmers Association (KKFA) will be embarking on an apiary and orchard project with assistance from the Government of Guyana and the private sector National Working Group (NWG) programme, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The programme seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of communities which will assist in attaining the UNDP’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Presidential Adviser on Governance Gail Teixeira presents safety gear and equipment to KKFA Secretary, Marlyn Jeffers.

The NWG programme aims at fostering national partnerships and promoting sustainable development oriented business practices which are being pursued through broad collaboration with stakeholders in identifying sustainable projects and matching resources.

In this regard, government’s collaboration with NGO’s has resulted in the KKFA receiving a supply of equipment and training, and the launch of the Honey/Fruit Production project within the community at the Kuru Kururu Extension Centre, Linden/ Soesdyke Highway.

Chairman of the NWG, Retired General Joe Singh, said that projects of this nature are “very important instruments for developing the kind of working relationships which help people to move themselves forward … we have to be able to guide, mentor and counsel the young people … so that they see themselves as patriotic Guyanese who are responsible for the forward movement of this country.”

He urged participants of the programme to adhere to the benchmark to continuously produce quality honey as the NWG will be working to link the producers to markets.

Supporters of the programme would be looking to see that their contributions are used wisely for the enhancement of livelihoods and the achievements of the MDGs. “It must have a multiplying effect and help in the socialisation of Kuru Kururu, it must stimulate interest of young people, be part of the education process, whereby people can come see what honey production is all about,” he said.

Resident Representative, UNDP, Dr Kiari Liman-Tinguiri, stated, “This event is not only timely but demonstrates a needed vision of collaboration if Guyana is to meet it development targets … and the UNDP remains committed to supporting such innovative approaches to solutions.”

IICA’s Representative Ignatius Jean noted that his organisation is pleased to be a part of this programme which is a practical way to help the community diversify its economic activities and improve its social development.

Presidential Adviser on Governance, Gail Teixeira, urged the producers to focus on the local market before they decide to enter the international market. This, she noted, will help them develop their product and brand it as their own, while meeting the needs and wants of Guyanese.

The Kuru Kururu village mainly produces citrus fruits and ground provision. It was stressed that the apiary programme will greatly complement the citrus production. (GINA)

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