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Twenty shortlisted for Mash 2014 Adult Calypso competition : –Chutney, HIV/AIDS competitions still in planning stage

FOLLOWING several recent auditions, the Mash Secretariat has announced that 20 persons have been shortlisted for the 2014 Adult Calypso Competition.The semi-final staging of this competition is slated for February 8, 2014 at a venue to be announced. But even as the Secretariat is proud to make this declaration, it is deeply concerned about the inability of organisers of the Mash Chutney and HIV/AIDS Song Competition to submit their planning schedules, even though the year has almost ended.

Sources at the Secretariat have reportedly grown tired of contacting a particular member of the organising team for the Chutney segment, only to be told that he is not ready, or has not been able to do any work on that competition.

This reporter was present to witness employees of the Mash Secretariat desperately trying to locate the party at reference on his cellular phone and office number on Thursday, but to no avail.

The Secretariat is very concerned about this surprising lapse in planning for the Chutney Competition, since participants need time to prepare for the event, but cannot do so until receiving word from the organisers.

In the meantime, several seasoned chutney singers are annoyed and infuriated that their auditions are being delayed, while the Calypso auditions were concluded over a week ago. Several of them have already visited the Office of the Mash Secretariat and have not hesitated to blow off their steam.

HIV/AIDS Song Competition
The Mash Secretariat is equally concerned about the same set of responses they are getting from organisers of the HIV/AIDS Song Competition, who have apparently not begun planning for that event, since no information has been submitted to them.

While that competition was not staged last year, this year has seen several persons indicating their interest to compete in that category.

Adult Calypso
Those shortlisted for the Adult Calypso Competition are Roger Hinds (Young Bill Rogers), Dereck Mangal (Bright Colours), Martin Byrne (Mighty Voter), Karen Bennett (Queen Maceeba), Garfield Campbell (Roots), Malcolm Corrica (Lord Canary), Daria Barrow (Queen Dairy), Pearl Lewis (Precious Pearl), John Marcus (Ras Marcus), Abigail James, Linden Thomas (Sniper), Dawn Edwards (Lady D), Lassel Duke, Winfield James, Kenroy Fraser, Sherldon Lyken, Aaron Blackman, Melford Inniss, John Persaud (Blue Flame), and Edward Perez (Young Fyah)
Updates on the various Mashramani 2014 competitions would be brought to you as they are supplied to us.



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