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South Florida Softball Cricket League team due today

THE South Florida Softball Cricket League (SFSCL) team will be arriving in Guyana today to take part in the Guyana Softball Cup 111 tournament.

The team will be lead by first-time captain Masood Mohamed, manager Ramzan Roshanali assistant manager Zameer Mangroo and will be under the guidance of the SFSCL president himself Mr Sal Husain.
The SFSCL team is composed of a number of all-rounders including the league MVP Kaiume Mohamed; Ramesh Persaud, Keshan Budhna, Anoop Basdeo and Vivian Khan.
The batting is further fortified by wicketkeeper/batsman Ravi Persaud (OJ), Randy Narainasami, Nazim Ali and Vishal Singh.
The bowling attack will be spearheaded by Mark Mukhlall, Ramesh Persaud, Masood Mohamed and others.
Some of the players have not visited Guyana for a while and on arrival they will travel to Berbice, parts of Demerara and Esssequibo.
The team will assemble in Georgetown on Thursday, to prepare and make final plans for the Guyana Cup.
According to the release, the SFSCL team intend to give of their best in the field in the hope of wresting the championship away from N.Y. (last year tournament winners).
The SFSCL officials would like to give a special thank you to Zameer Mangroo and Ramzan Roshanali, the Honorary Consul for Guyana in Miami for all their help in assisting the team to take part in what promises to be an exciting tournament in Guyana.


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