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OSCL president commends GFSCA on staging of Guyana Softball Cup

TORONTO, Canada — The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) has come in for high commendations from the president of the Ontario Softball Cricket League (OSCL) Albert Ramcharran on the successful staging of the recently-concluded Guyana Softball Cup 111.According to Ramcharran, who was one of several executives to accompany an OSCL squad to the tournament, the local organisers did an excellent job with very few hiccups.

Acknowledging that staging a tournament of such enormity was an arduous task, taking into consideration the number of participating teams, Ramcharran said the executives of the GFSCA were obviously on top of their game.
Ramcharran disclosed that the opening ceremony was all glitter and splendour with the Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony in attendance, giving the feature address and charge to the players and also setting the tone for what was to enfold.
The OSCL president was also high in praise for the standard of play executed by the participating teams and the excellent standard of umpiring.
While not making any excuses for the OSCL team’s poor performance in losing all three of their matches in the Open category of the tournament, Ramcharran alluded to the fact that the players were handicapped to a certain extent since it was the first time most of them were playing with the white balls being used in Guyana and New York.
The OSCL competitions, which feature matches in the 25, 20 and 10-over categories here, are being played with Supreme balls unlike the white balls being used in Guyana and New York. However, Ramcharran pointed out that his organisation plans to introduce the white balls in the upcoming season and these will be used in the 25 and 10-over games for a start.
Ramcharran was also hoping that his players would have been given some more exposure on some of the other venues instead of playing all of their matches at the Ministry of Education ground on Carifesta Avenue. The playing of more than one match at the same time at one venue was also something new to the OSCL players but Ramcharran said this was obviously done to accommodate the number of teams.
In a show of gesture, the OSCL executives presented part of its players uniforms to members of the Cotton Field Wild Oats team from Essequibo.
Quizzed on whether the OSCL plans to stage similar tournaments in the future, Ramcharran pointed out that the biggest bugbear is venue. As it stands now, the OSCL is incapable of hosting more than six teams, hence, the difficulty of staging such a tournament. He, however, affirmed that the OSCL will continue to participate in future Guyana Softball Cups.
The Guyana Softball Cup 111, which was played on November 8, 9 and 10 attracted some 24 teams, comprising six from New York, two from Florida, two from Canada and 14 from Guyana and was divided into two categories: the Open male and the Masters Over-45 divisions.
Open male winners Trophy Stall carted off a whopping $800 000 and a trophy while runners-up Wolf Warriors of West Demerara pocketed $200 000 and also received a trophy.
The winning team in the Masters division New York Better Hope took away $600 000 and a trophy while Industry Super Kings got $150 000 for being the runners-up.
Among the many sponsors of the tournament were Survival, GT&T, Rohan Auto Spares, Top Branz, Guyana Beverage Company, Motor Trend, Nauth Motor Spares, Steve’s Jewellery, Clear Waters, Trophy Stall, Mike’s Pharmacy, Metro and Rubis Service Station of Bel Air.
Written By Frederick Halley

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