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Only two political parties in Guyana

FREDDIE should ask me to hold my umbrella like he asked Prime Minister Sam Hinds.
Freddie said had the Prime Minister given him the umbrella, he Freddie Kissoon would have taken it and walk away with it and give it to someone else.
Freddie knows the old saying and how it goes, “monkey knows which limb to jump on”.
If Freddie Kissoon were to walk up to me and ask to hold my umbrella and walk away with it, you bet your life on it Freddie, you would not have gotten the time to hand it over to someone else.
You must be feeling really powerful and like a powerhouse or some sort of super power to write your daily trash Freddie.
Freddie, most Guyanese and the rest of the world know what you found out lately, that there are only two political parties in Guyana.
One is called PPP and the other is called PNC and others that come along are just wannabes.
There is no such thing as APNU nor is there any such thing as AFC. Get it through your thick skull Freddie, that it’s PPP and PNC.
What I would like to see are those the likes of Freddie Kissoon and Ramjattan/Nagamooto take part of their money and donate to the Linden cause and get others to join them.
Not forgetting those that write letters and blogs on Stabroek News such as Tarran Khemraj/ Sasenarine Singh/Chris Ram/Mike Persaud and the Shanti Persaud and Samaroo.
Oh I forget Freddie said he is ashamed to be Indian. I wonder what his poor parents thought of that.
Mr. Prime Minister, you must never allow these parasites to stop you on the streets to question you.
They will never say or call it discrimination by PPP government against other Guyanese who are paying a high price for electricity usage compared to what Lindeners are paying.
Mr. Prime Minister, today it’s Linden, tomorrow will be another so-called depressed community.

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