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Freedom Life Ministries pastors apprise President of anniversary activities

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar was invited to attend the dedication service of the new Freedom Life Ministries’ sanctuary of worship on July 6 as the church commemorates its fifth anniversary in Georgetown.

altThe three-storeyed building at the corners of Princes and Lyng streets, built in less than one year at the cost of $90M, will be dedicated following a march and rally through the streets of the capital.
General Overseer of Freedom Life Ministries, Pastor Joel Uwagboe, brought the news and the invitation to the Head of State in the company of Nigerian Rev Bayo Oniwinde, Pastor Hemraj Sookram, and member Melanie Allicock. Rev Oniwinde is in Guyana for the first time.
“I believe that this is a country that is strategic in this area and we believe God for transformation, for industry for economic prosperity, and we believe God to actually raise people in this country of a calibre that will be good representatives even to other nations,” Re Oniwnide.
Freedom Life Ministries has locations at Number 9 and 35 Villages on the West Coast of Berbice, and in New York.
The fifth anniversary celebration will include six days of activities, including evening services and a grand service on June 7. Delegates from Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria and the United States of America are scheduled to attend.

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