M&CC continues street sanitisation exercise

Mayor of Georgetown, Pandit Ubraj Narine and members of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council and the Georgetown Rotary Club in discussion before the sanitsation of the Bourda Market

SANITISATION exercises are ongoing throughout several major public spaces within the Capital City to stop further transmission of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
A collaboration between the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, the Georgetown Rotary Club and Farm Supplies Limited, saw the Bourda Market and its environs receiving a thorough bacterial washdown.

Orange Walk, the Merriman’s Mall, Robb and Alexander Streets are also areas which benefitted from the cleansing initiative, last evening. City Mayor, Ubraj Narine, told the DPI that he is grateful for the ongoing support from several stakeholders and welcomes additional aid.

The sanitisation of the outskirts of Bourda Market

“We are doing what we are mandated to do. This virus can destroy anyone it gets hold of. We are willing to sanitise the entire city, but we cannot do it alone,” he said.

The Mayor explained that as resources become available the municipality will undertake other similar exercises to stop the spread of the virus. “We will be sanitising the Stabroek Market and its environs later this evening,” he disclosed. President of the Georgetown Rotary Club, Peter Peroune, emphasised his organisation’s readiness to support the M&CC in similar projects. The cleaning supplies were donated by Farm Supplies Limited.