Label me as you wish, Adam


Dear Editor,

I am saddened to see that Adam Harris, someone I considered a friend and regarded with respect, now writing for the Chronicle, has abandoned all pretense as a professional journalist to become a paid mouthpiece of the PNC’s grab for fraudulent political power.
He attacks me, the Private Sector and anyone else who defends the right of our people to a free and credible elections as “aligned to the PPP”.

I witnessed the Mingo fraud first hand, twice, along with every international and local observer present. I have also seen the published SOPs of the elections showing that the PPP/C has clearly won the elections. The recount has already established the Mingo fraud.
Label me as you wish, Adam, it will not change the facts, will not change the electoral result and it will not make you right.
Yours sincerely,
Kit Nascimento