Time for GECOM chair to act decisively and declare the elections results


Dear Editor

As a concerned citizen, I am compelled to express my dissatisfaction with the slothfulness with which the GECOM has been discharging its responsibilities in relation to the March 2nd General and Regional Elections

From all available accounts I am convinced that enough legal and moral avenues have been accommodated by the Coalition Party which I am are aware has convincingly won the elections. Therefore, it is time that the matter be put to rest by the GECOM which is a legal, independent constitutional body established for the delivery of credible elections in this country.
I am fully cognizant that there are certain individuals and groups in our society who have no interest in the sustained peace, harmony and progress which our “Republic” has experienced during the past five years and as a consequence they have invented various mischievous and empty schemes to prolong the current stalemate which descended upon one month ago.
However, the APNU + AFC is interested in progress and Human Development for the benefit of all Guyanese.

In the circumstances therefore, I hereby call on the Honorable Chairman to use her good office and put this matter to rest by ensuring that an official declaration of the election results is made now.

The Chief Elections Officer has already declared the APNU + AFC the winner of the elections much to the disappointment of the enemies of Democracy. They have launched a sustained smear campaign and character assignation on His Excellency Mr. David Granger who has thus far demonstrated statesman’s-ship of a very high order but also acted in conformity with and obeyed the Constitution and related Election Laws of our country.
Madam ‘Chair’ the time has come for you to act decisively and ensure that the election results are declared now. We can wait no longer.

Yours truly,
Patrick Haynes,