My Sister’s Keeper aims to bring women together | Focuses on ‘sisterhood’


Girl-on-girl hate has long been a scourge on society. Many stories can be referenced where hate and envy among females led to terrible acts being committed to each other.
This bane exists from the very top to the very bottom of the social ranking scale. From celebrities to the average. From women in competing businesses to regular women in neighbourhoods.

However, several movements, social groups, and efforts through different mediums are being exercised to hone sisterhood.

A young Guyanese woman has recognised her role in developing the aforementioned and started an Instagram account ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ to influence better relationships among females.

Twenty-one-year-old Brianna Alleyne is using her platform to bring women together and eliminate competition.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz’, Alleyne said that she believes your only competition is who you were yesterday, and with that belief, tied with her passion for entrepreneur and women in business, she decided to create ‘My Sister’s Keeper’.

“I always wanted to own my own business and call the shots like I saw my parents do. My father’s visions of a boss, for me quickly became my dreams but I also felt proud of other women going out there and taking control of their narrative. With my inspiration stemming from different places, when I was younger my own insecurities made me compare myself to other girls and left me feeling either inferior or superior. When I realised that my only competition was myself I wanted to help others see that you need not feel like I used to for any reason,” Alleyne said.

Additionally, she disclosed that she once overheard a conversation between males at work that motivated her to start.

“One male said he prefers to work with other males because females always have an attitude and compete with each other. It disturbed me but not as much until I had a conversation with a female entrepreneur about little to no support amongst women in business. I felt moved to do something,” the young woman said.

“One day I was at home thinking about the things I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and seeing women in business and I reflected on the conversations I overheard/had and I thought to myself that I’m just a firm believer in clapping for other women’s success even if I’m not there yet because if I look at it from the right perspective I would see that they have paved the way for me and other women, and therefore I can learn from them. Then I thought to myself I have a following for barely any reason why not use it for my passion to celebrate, empower and motivate women in Business. At that time one of my friends had an idea to start her own business too but didn’t have a following as mine so I thought with an ever bigger platform than I had, I could promote her and other women’s businesses,” she further explained.

Now with the birth of ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, Alleyne said the aim is to recognise women who have ‘bossed up’ and motivate others to do the same.

“While encouraging them to ‘clap for’ and support each other as well, because the next woman is not their competitor, and also promote their business. Additionally, I aim to make a profit for business promotion and I have some more ideas for the page to introduce later to achieve this,” she said.

“Greatness is in you; find your passion or your niche, work towards it and you too can be your own boss. Try as much to see other women as your sister, consider what you can learn from them and try have their backs. Be your sister’s keeper,” the women empowerment advocate advised.