The PPP/C is just a tale of many riddles


Dear Editor,

A MARCH 24 publication from Bloomberg has revealed that the PPP/C is proverbially cutting their noses to spite their faces when it comes to the party’s determination in sabotaging the nation under the cause of “democracy.”

According to the Bloomberg publication (authored by Crowley and Millard), Bharrat Jagdeo and his PPP/C cohorts plan to “work with the international community and push for sanctions.”

While this is alarming, one doesn’t have to fear the idle threats that are being hurled like sewage from the PPP/C. They are acting in a comedy of errors, on an impulse of clownish behaviour which poses serious risks to every Guyanese.

Pushing for international sanctions will do more harm to Guyanese as a whole. This is because while the PPP/C’s politicians sleep comfortably at their oceanside residences, sanctions will make the average person suffer and starve. Look at the crises in 1990s Haiti, and recently, post-Chavez Venezuela, as two examples of how sanctions do more harm than good to innocent lives.

It’s as if the PPP/C’s supporters are being led through a road of deception by the PPP/C, acting as the Pied Piper of future misery. Furthermore, it is hypocrisy, given that it’s already known in the streets that a majority of PPP/C politicians are clannish and anti-immigration at heart. The Guyana Times is guilty of such hostile sentiments by being insular and racist towards fellow members of the CARICOM community seeking refuge.

However, Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP/C are conducting an international campaign to plead foreign governments into sanctioning Guyana for biased reasons. Why beg American, Canadian, British and  EU politicians to sanction Guyana? Isn’t that hypocrisy? The PPP/C is just a tale of many riddles! The PPP/C is acting like the fox who called the grapes sour, spiting their noses to cut their faces, and leading their supporters astray like the Pied Piper.

Riaz Hamid