Businesses in New Amsterdam under curfew

Mayor Winifred Haywood in discussion with a business owner

BUSINESSES in New Amsterdam have been placed under curfew as the town takes steps to minimise large gatherings and the spread of COVID -19.

Mayor Winifred Haywood recently led a team inclusive of Town Clerk, Sharon Alexander; councillors, Buster Wright, Quacy Isaacs and Sheanta  Lambert; Environment Health Assistant, Jafaana Wright and Constabulary Sergeant,  Paul Beaton across the boundaries of the township.

Visits were made to all supermarkets, eating houses, rum and grocery shops.

During the visits, business owners were updated about the Ministry of Public Health’s guidelines to tackle the virus.

They were also informed that rum shops and eating houses are to be closed at 18:00hrs; supermarkets and grocery shops at 19:00 hrs; and pharmacies at 20:00hrs.

Police Commander, Calvin Brutus, has ordered his charges to enforce the orders given to the owners of the businesses.