Akeem Alexander placed in both Junior competitions

Akeem Alexander performing at the Junior Monarch competitions

While many are celebrating the victory of the Junior Monarchs that were declared two Saturdays ago in Lethem, there was Akeem Alexander who was the only contestant to secure a space in both competitions.

The 19-year-old placed second in the Junior Soca Monarch and fourth in the Calypso.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz’, the young man said that he has always been very passionate about music.

The name of his two entries were ‘Time for love’ which was the soca, and ‘Wake up’, which was the calypso.

The message behind the soca entry he said, is to tell persons to spread love, be happy, enjoy life and know your worth.

The calypso he said is letting persons know what used to happen in our country with our youths and what is currently going on.

“It was my very first time entertaining the competitions and I entered because it’s a way of being seen or recognised in the music business. It was a very great experience. I got to make friends with other artistes I got to meet well known artistes such as Brandon Harding, Vanilla, Diana Chapman, Kady Kish, and Mark Batson. And to add to that, I got to meet with great producers as well. It was an amazing experience,” Alexander said.

Going forward, the young entertainer said that with the help of Kast Talent Management, everyone will continue to hear and see him.

“I’m working in the studio to have new music out for everyone to hear. I’m also working on my very first music video, also I’ll be performing all around the country and I’ll be taking my career to an international level,” he said.

To keep up with his work, you can follow him on Facebook page at Akeem Alexander Official or on YouTube ‘Akeem Alexander Official’ and Instagram @iamakeem.