A penalty to pay for such wanton recklessness, disrespect


Dear Editor
THE video posted recently on the moving mini-bus from which students were made to disembark by jumping explains the wanton recklessness of some drivers, particularly Omkar Rambharose, the errant driver who has been “slapped” with a six-month jail sentence for “dangerous driving, failure to ensure the safety of passengers and breach of insurance.”

This is as heinous an offence, as could ever be imagined and committed against any age category of citizens when one takes into account the grave responsibilities which operators of public transportation have for ensuring the safe driving of their vehicles and ensuring  the safe delivery of their passengers to whatever is their destination. It is therefore unthinkable that such an unforgivable act, such as having schoolchildren jump from such public conveyors could have gone to court without attracting such a sanction, which ought to have been more severe, both in terms of time to be served, and suspension of driver’s licence. The magistrate must be commended for laying the law down.

Also, whatever the duration of suspension – not stated – one hopes that it is adequate, for sending the message, first, to Rambharose, and those who are also similarly inclined towards  disregarding the safety of limb and life of the travelling public, that there is a penalty to pay for such a dangerous act, and disrespect.
Carla Mendonca