Linden school girl stabbed in brawl  

The Rambo knife used in the stabbing

A 15-year-old student attached to a Linden secondary school is battling for her life at the Linden Hospital Complex after she was stabbed by her classmate during a fight. The incident was video recorded and went viral on social media. It showed another student approaching the girl from behind and plunging a long knife in her back in the presence of students and adults.

According to the police, the victim was stabbed by the sister of the other girl who was involved in the fight. The video showed the girl standing and watching on. She then took out a knife from her bag and stabbed the victim to the left side of her lower back.

The fight took place in proximity to the school in Amelia’s Ward. The victim was rushed to the hospital in a taxi by public-spirited persons after blood was gushing out of her back, with the Rambo knife still stuck in the wound.

At that time, she seemed to have been losing consciousness.

The girl was rushed into the theatre for surgery and was there up to when this report was filed. Doctors were able to retrieve the knife and it was reported that no organ of the girl was damaged.

Police made checks at the home of the perpetrator to have her taken into custody and to assist with investigation, but no one was at home. Investigations are ongoing.

This incident followed another violent one at another school in Linden, which occurred on Wednesday, when a student was chopped. A few weeks ago, another student from the same secondary school stabbed a classmate and was arrested.