‘A campaign of lies’

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali

…PNCR raps PPP for alleged ‘dirty’ election campaign
…says the party has resorted to lies, propaganda to sell message

THE People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), the largest party of the APNU+AFC coalition has accused the opposition PPP of resorting to lies and propaganda to sell its message and has called out that party’s Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali for misleading citizens.

The PNCR said it has noted “malicious” and “spurious” attempts by the opposition led by Ali regarding the President’s private residence at Pearl, East Bank Demerara. According to the PNCR the PPP has been circulating a video advertisement regarding the President’s home at Pearl and according to the PNCR “it is now clear that the PPP is trying to run away from its 23 years of misrule, corruption and division”

The PNCR said it noted that the opposition’s “record is so sordid, that they can boast about nothing; so, they have resorted to lies and empty promises in an attempt to get the electorate to forget their 23 years of chaos, confusion and corruption.”

The party said that as part of the PPP’s Campaign of lies and propaganda it continues to accuse President Granger of using state funds to rehabilitate his private residence located at Pearl. In the past, the opposition and its surrogates have been publicising the accusations and the PNCR has clarified once more that the house in question was built by the President’s brother. It noted that the house is “a home that does not have the fictitious amenities or exorbitant costs as alleged by the dishonest PPP and was rehabilitated by President Granger at his own expense after his brother died in September 2017.”
The party noted that the advertisement is an attempt geared at diverting attention from the “scandalous” mansion of the PPP’s Presidential Candidate, as it noted that the PPP’s “campaign of lies” is engaging in that party’s usual distortion of the truth.
The PNCR quoted a Kaieteur News article dated January 1, 2012 captioned “After 2 years as Minister… Irfaan Ali builds mansion with pool house.”

In that news item the newspaper quoted the cost of construction of the house which was estimated to be more than $300M. “One contractor, using the same Government estimates, said that to fence the compound of that estate would be about $50 million. Some have actually questioned Minister Ali’s wealth bearing in mind that he came from humble beginnings and has been a Minister for just about three years,” the news article stated.
It was noted that the State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA) is currently investigating how oil blocks were given to companies that do not have any experience in petroleum exploration. These blocks were awarded by President Donald Ramotar just days before the May 2015 General and Regional elections. Intelligence suggests that these blocks are held by known PPP associates through off-shore shell companies.

The PNCR also listed several “scandals” attributed to the PPP and those include the stone scam; the milk scam; the gold scam; the law books scam; the re-migrant duty-free-vehicle scam; the Cane Grove Conservancy Dam scam; the IAST scam; the wildlife scam; the export of dolphins scam; the Polar Beer scam; the GuySuCo scam and the $1.3B fibre-optic cable scam, the latter which was managed by the son of former President Ramotar.

“This is the real PPP, and we must never allow this type of lawlessness to return to government. This is their real record and they must defend it,” the PNCR says. It noted that the PPP had its time and that party’s track record proves that “they are dishonest, unscrupulous and too incompetent to govern in the interest of all of the people of Guyana.”
It was noted that since President Granger’s election to office, Guyana has begun moving in the right direction and the party said that the President has always ensured that the Coalition government is working for all Guyanese regardless of ethnicity, geography, gender, party affiliation or class. “Together let’s keep moving forward. At the next elections, the PNCR urges all Guyanese to vote APNU+AFC to ensure a better future for all,” the coalition partner said.