Guyanese youths will not be fooled


Dear Editor,
Jagdeo and his band of wicked men failed to realise that Guyana is changing, and the youth of Guyana who represent the majority of the voting population will not be caught in Jagdeo’s racial web. They refuse to be bought with five and ten thousand dollars being given away to attend their political rallies. Jagdeo and the PPP tried in a desperate attempt to galvanise support by infusing a race war to cause division with their negative propaganda, fake news, and misinformation, but their attempts have failed miserably. Our young people simply do not care or pay any currency to race; their friendships and camaraderie is deeper than ever before in the history of this beautiful nation. Official data and our observation has revealed that there are more inter-racial marriages and relationships than ever before. We as Guyanese celebrate, respect and collectively participate in religious, social and cultural traditions. As a people, we all celebrate Christmas, Diwali, Phagwah, Mashramani, Emancipation, etc. It is our diversity that makes up a unique and beautiful people.

Knowledge is ever evolving, and during my childhood, people would have referred to persons like Bharrat Jagdeo as a tyrant. But as a trained social worker, I have psychoanalysed the Dr. of Doom. He is a narcissist who thinks that the entire world revolves around his whims and fancies and his personal financial ambitions. Simply put, he thinks that he owns the transport or title deed to Guyana. There is nothing new about this depraved and wicked individual who is alleged to have had ties to notorious figures who allegedly executed over 400 Guyanese men. Jagdeo’s transgressions are unpardonable! Unforgivable! Any Guyanese, and moreover a leader who conceptualised the thought of giving away any of our 83,000 square miles and its bordering waterways cannot be trusted. Any such proposal or utterances is tantamount to treason.

Bharrat Jagdeo has enriched himself, and built his kingdom at Pradoville at the expense of the State. He even set his post- presidency pension at over G$3M, while all other hardworking retired sons and daughters of the soil were given $7,500.00 during his party’s rule. Bharrat Jagdeo and his party denied our Indigenous brothers and sisters basic human services such as quality education, proper health care, roads, access to information technology and potable water. But now they are back on the campaign trail with their well sugar-coated speeches, bucket-to-fetch-water promises and a buy-a-crowd strategy to provide a fake perception will not fool anyone.

All of our sugar workers who the PPPC administration failed to empower, leaving them in a state of dependency, knowing fully well that the sugar industry was not viable. They used our sugar belt people as political pawns to support their political agenda. They never cared about those hardworking Guyanese. For them, they were a means to an end, which was to keep them dependent on them so as to control them and to stay in power. All the talk about opening the sugar estates, and fixing the Skeldon Sugar Factory was not even mentioned at their Albion rally in Berbice, where the bulk of their supporters are.
They all were silent, and the question is: Why? The truth is, they were lying all along to the people they call “their people”, their supporters. All the time they knew the government was correct in making this very tough and difficult decision, but they were too ashamed to accept that the APNU+AFC government was right again, and they were wrong.

Despite the many alleged atrocities committed by the vindictive and depraved Jagdeo, one of Jagdeo’s long-time critics, Mr. Anthony Vieira appeared on the PPP’s lists of candidates. Many were in disbelief, but the Stockholm syndrome explains it all. Jagdeo vindictively failed most of Tony Vieira’s businesses, but based on the Stockholm Syndrone, in order to gain control of someone and mentally enslave them, you must first oppress them and bring them to a state of nothingness and desperation. And then you can approach them as their sole saviour. This method of domination, brainwashing and control has been used by Jagdeo time and time again. From all appearances, it seems like Jagdeo has patterned himself after Brutal dictators such as Adolph Hitler. Jagdeo, after oppressing Guyanese for 23 years, is now presenting himself as our saviour through his front-man, Ali. But, truth be told, Guyanese do not need a saviour, because regardless of race, political persuasion, gender, etc. we are all enjoying the good life that the APNU+AFC government promised in 2015. While enriching himself and his selected few, Jagdeo made public servants suffer by denying them a livable wage. We have not forgotten that Jagdeo was the oppressor, and we will not fall prey to his Stockholm Syndrome.

Jermaine Figueira