Several homeless following Wismar fire


AT least five persons are now homeless after their Lot 468 Canvas City, Wismar, Linden home was gutted by fire on Friday evening.

Three families resided at the house and were left with nothing but the clothing on their backs, since they had little time to save anything.

The fire occurred around 19:15hrs on Friday evening and while neighbours were vigilant and sought immediate intervention from the Linden Fire Service, the wooden and concrete, two-story house was completely gutted within minutes.

The house, which was owned by Shiloh Mustafa, was rented to three tenants. The upper flat was occupied by Kendrick Hector while the lower flat of the house was divided into two apartments; the southern apartment was occupied by Chybye McDonald and her seven year old son Whitley McDonald, while the northern apartment was occupied by Vanita Hackett and Denton Montou. None of the occupants were at home at the time of the fire.

Chybye McDonald related that she secured her apartment and went to a bingo game with her son, while Hackett noted that around 19:00hrs on Friday, she went out with some friends. According to the latter, she was with her friends when she received news that her apartment was on fire.

The losses were said to be in the millions, since the three apartments were said to be have been fully furnished.

This is the second fire to occur in the mining town since the break of the new year.