GFC to advertise revoked, surrendered concessions


THE Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) said it intends to advertise and receive applications for the allocation of State Forest Authorisations (SFAs) and State Forests Exploratory Permits (SFEPs) for several concessions it has repossessed.

These areas were formerly held by Kwebanna Wood Products Inc, Woods Associated Industries Company Limited, Baishanlin International Inc, Puruni Wood Products Inc and Haimorakabra Logging Company Inc.

“The decision to advertise these areas is premised on the fact that the GFC had revoked the above forest concessions because of serious breaches of the Forests Act 2009 and in the case of Barama Company Limited the forest concession was surrendered. These developments affected the revenue performance of the GFC, especially over the last three years,” the commission said in a release.

The release noted that the board of directors of the commission at its last statutory meeting held on December 30, 2019, by way of resolution, expressed its no-objection to the areas being advertised for re-allocation.