Tony Vieira does not know when he does not know


Dear Editor,
ALLOW me to respond to a Prolix Prosaic piece by Tony Vieira published in at least two dailies on January 13, 2020 and designed to denigrate me in particular, and NCN in general. I got to know Tony Vieira after my return to Guyana from Syracuse University in 1982.

Around that time, he began pirating US Satellite Signals and retransmitting those stolen TV signals in a “scrambled” manner for a fee. Another Television Station came on the air and created a free channel, challenging Tony’s monopolistic pernicious predatory position.

Since then, Tony has continued his classist, calumnious, contemptuous bullying approach. Unfortunately, Tony Vieira does not know when he does not know. I stand by the distinction I made between “Broadcasting” and “Telecommunication Services” in the Guyanese context. Your pandering to ignorance and the International Community neither fazes me nor makes me impecunious, Tony Vieira. So be informed before you seek to inform. Now watch as he and his contemptuous classist comrades come after me.

Enrico Woolford A.A
Chairman, NCN