G.O.A.T’s on tomorrow @ 704


TOMORROW night, all roads lead to 704 for the ‘Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) party!’ G.O.A.T has grown to be one the most anticipated birthday celebrations in Guyana, and it’s 2020 return is said to be bigger and better than the years before.

This party and concept was created and hosted by Marlon Jacobs some years ago to celebrate his birthday, and is now one of his main events for the year as a promoter.
The young promoter said he came up with the concept because he wanted to have a birthday celebration where all the persons that were born in January could come and celebrate with him, and bring along their friends and family to celebrate too.

“And the goat, that’s the sign for Capricorn, that’s the representation of all Capricorns. A lot of people gravitate to that, and I have hundreds of Capricorns who would come with their friends and their family to have a great time… This year, it is being held at 704. I think that is a small venue, but we will make it work,” Jacobs said.

He said that while there are no pre-sold tickets, persons will pay a $2,000 door cost upon entry.

Jacobs said that patrons can expect a crazy ambience. “All of their favourite young DJs will be there. Drinks specials all night, and Capricorn’s can also bring a cake,” he added.
Much anticipation is already spreading, as the team would have been promoting and enticing the people through social media and ‘ads’. Jacobs said he never disappoints with his events, and this one will be no different.