Man found guilty of a series of offences to be sentenced December 30

Daquan Robinson

MAGISTRATE Sherdel Isaac-Marcus, on Wednesday December 11, 2019, remanded a 21-year-old man to prison, on a series of charges.
Daquan Robinson appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and was ‘slapped’ with four charges.

It is alleged that, on December 7, 2019, at church Street, while armed with a gun, he robbed Keon Crandon of $600 cash.

It is also alleged that, on December 8, 2019, at Merriman’s Mall, while armed with a gun, he robbed Gary Hartman of two spectacles valued at $30,000, a battery power pack valued at $1000, a wallet valued at $2000 and $10,000 cash.
It is further alleged that, on December 8, 2019, at Orange Walk, he stole a phone valued at $5000, property of Desmond Daniels.

The last charge stated that, on December 8, 2019, at Orange Walk, he was in possession of two IPhones suspected to be stolen or unlawfully obtained.
Robinson pleaded guilty to the second charge and pleaded not guilty to the other three charges.

“I saw Hartman walking and I pull out a fake gun and I tell him to stop and he empty out his bag so I pick up the spectacles and the wallet and rode away. The officer attack me at Bourda market and take them things from me,” Robinson told the court.

Police Prosecutor Goodman told the court that, on the day in question, Hartman was walking in Merriman’s Mall with a haversack containing the items mention in the charge. Robinson approached him and said ‘I am a police officer,’ Hartman then requested to see his police badge.

Goodman stated that Robinson pulled out a black and gray gun from his waist and pointed it in the direction of Hartman saying ‘give me everything,’ and Robinson relieved him of his haversack, and told him (Hartman) to ‘run or I will shoot you’. The matter was reported to the police.

Goodman also told the court that, on that same day, Daniels, who is a security guard, was asleep, on duty, when Robinson rode up, observed he was sleeping, pushed his hand in his pocket and relieved him of his phone and made good his escape.

Goodman added that the matter was reported. A police was on patrol duty at Merriman’s Mall, when Robinson approached him saying ‘what are you doing in here, get out of here.’ The police then asked Robinson to subject himself to a search. During the search the stolen items were found. Robinson was arrested and later charged.

Magistrate Isaac-Marcus, after listening to the prosecutor and Robinson remanded him (Robinson) to prison until December 30, 2019, for sentencing.