Region 2 copped 40 medals at National Schools Track and Field Championship

Regional Education Officer Ms Nichola Matthews

THE Department of Education (DoE) and the Region 2 Administration have expressed delight at the performances of the Region’s athletes who participated in the recently concluded National Schools Cycling, Swimming and Track & Field Championship held at the National Track and Field Centre at Leonora.

Region 2 copped 40 medals including 13 gold, 14 silver and 13 bronze, primarily in the track and field events. The Region also set new National records in the field events of discus, shot put, long jump, javelin and in the 400-metre track events.

Among the new record-holders who all achieved gold were Annastacia Clarke in discus and shot put, Seon Lam – shot put, Kevin Boyce – long-jump, Quincy Sampson – javelin, Eurica Blucher – shot put; and Nicholloyd Cameron in the 400 metres.

Cameron, who attends the Charity Secondary School, also received gold in the 200 and 800 metres races. He also achieved gold in the team’s 1500 medley race, placing him as the Region’s most prolific gold medallist.

Josh Smith also copped 2 silver medals in the field of swimming as well as Alicia Venture 2 in high jump and Roy English 2 in discus and shot put respectively.

In a brief statement, Regional Education Officer Ms Nichola Matthews on behalf of the Department of Education expressed heartfelt thanks to the Regional Executive Officer Denis Jaikaran (Sr) for his unwavering support which contributed immensely to the individual and collective success of the team.

Region 2 over the years has produced a number of outstanding athletes in the likes of Prince Holder, Julian Holder, Colin Roach, Reonna Cornette, Linden Johnson and Professor Kimani Nehusi among others. Meanwhile the DoE will hold a presentation ceremony shortly to honour the athletes.