Former Journalist launches first book

Whitney Persaud

…to encourage persons to express suppressed emotions

A BOOK of poetry and prose, written by former journalist, Whitney Persaud, with the aim of inspiring persons who are battling with the woes of life and struggling to express their feelings, is a must read.

In the self-published book, ‘Words of the Soul,’ which was launched in November, Persaud reflects on the harsh reality of depression, anxiety and suppressed emotions.

A copy of ‘Words of the soul’

“It’s not necessarily a book about all happy endings but you know that we all deal with things, so we can be there for each other in some way. Sometimes people feel so alone, and they act rash and we end up with suicide or depression and all these other things that are caused by suppressed emotions,” she stated.

While her fan base is small, Persaud has received an unwavering amount of support from her fellow Guyanese and overseas readers.

“I’ve had overwhelming support from lots of people in Guyana especially and people in the US and Canada. Basically, people from all over have come out to support my new venture, even those who are unable to get a physical copy of the book, they have been really promoting my book,” she told the Guyana Chronicle.

Persaud added that there is more yet to come as ‘Words of The Soul’ is the first half of a two-part series which she is working on.