Venezuelan stabbed to death during scuffle with bandits


POLICE are hunting two suspects in the murder of a Venezuelan in the wee hours of Monday morning, at Grove, Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Dead is William Floris, 22, of Post Office Street, Grove, EBD.

Enquiries disclosed that the victim was sitting on the Western side of the Public Road, when he was approached by the suspects on bicycles.

One of the suspects brandished a knife demanding that the victim handed over his belongings. A scuffle ensued between them and the victim was stabbed twice. The suspects then rode away and the victim gave chase but fell down in the process, in the vicinity of Bounty supermarket, EBD. He was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre and was pronounced dead on arrival.

Residents in the area said that the suspect that stabbed the Venezuelan was identified as someone called ‘Blue’ who lives in Post Office Street.