‘Dream big; live by faith’

Andrew Chaitram, called ‘Sledge G’

–aspiring ‘superstar’ urges fellow young Guyanese seeking fame and fortune on the music scene

HE aspires to make it big on the international music scene, but he does not plan on eating his bread alone. He would like his fellow young Guyanese to dream big as he does.
And in the pursuit of that dream, 21-year-old Andrew Chaitram, who hails from the island of Leguan, has already taken upon himself an alias that he thinks is befitting of his musical aspirations. As such, he’d like to known as ‘Sledge G’.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz’, Chaitram said that his passion is to gain the whole world, but at the same time aspires to be happy in life.

“I’m known to be a responsible individual; a leader to be exact,” he said. “But I’m also into sports activities, new adventures, and socialising with friends and family. And I also like getting to know new people.”

He said that he is inspired by a plethora of people in the music industry. “Every recording Dancehall and Reggae artiste,” he said, adding: “They have helped inspire me to be as great as I am today. I want to keep being great as I am; nothing’s wrong with being confident.”

And, limited though opportunities are here in Guyana, especially on the small island on which he lives, Chaitram is confident that he will accomplish his superstar dream.
“I’ll always keep doing me; keep being a conqueror like King David, but lyrically,” he said, adding: “My message to all the young uprising artistes and everyone worldwide is: ‘Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality; upgrade your faith to match your vision. You have to always make yourself sufficient and efficient, so you have to always be prepared. Sometimes you gotta run; you can’t stay one place. You can’t be stagnant and stationary. So you always have to make yourself ready.”

Through his music and everyday life, Chaitram aims to spread love and positivity to foster peace in the world.

“Live good; love unconditionally,” the young visionary said, adding: “Try to understand each other’s differences; war isn’t the answer. There can be no peace unless I accept you, and you accept me.”