Day-to-day happenings in Craig Village

Curtis Hunte, Craig bus driver and resident (Carl Croker photos)

By Michel Outridge 

CURTIS Hunte is a mini-bus driver and he is a villager from Craig, East Bank Demerara, who resides at Third Street with his wife and three children.

Devon Dublin and his pet, a green anaconda

He described life there as comfortable and peaceful among residents.
This Craig resident added that it is a quiet village and most people work during the day and at nights, some folk go to bed early to prepare for another working day. Hunte reported that he started to drive mini-buses in 2002, but has been at the wheel longer than that.

The Pepperpot Magazine also encountered a young man named Devon Dublin, who resides at Busbee Dam, Craig.

At the time, he was part of a group of boys who were in the process of catching caimans in the canal via a makeshift trap outfitted with bait.

The group said they do it daily and whatever they catch they would sell it to the Chinese and split the money equally among themselves.

Dublin had a small green snake which had become his pet. He managed to catch it a few days ago right in the canal.

“I keeping it even though I know it is small now and it will grow bigger. I don’t mind I will keep it as a pet and take care of it, because I will try to train it see if it works, knowing how dangerous it is,” he said.

Also at Busbee Dam, Craig, Boyie Ramkisson was up for a chat and told the Pepperpot Magazine that his life is simple and not flamboyant at all, because he prefers to live like that although he has the means.

He rears poultry (meat birds) and sheep as his main sources of income and would sell to buyers when the chickens are fully grown.

One of the most interesting signages at a shop in
Craig Village

Ramkissoon related that he usually purchases baby chicks from the hatchery, but right now the hatching eggs are not up to standard and buying 1,000 chicks and rearing them for six weeks is not easy.

He pointed out that sometimes he would carry a loss when the chicks get sick and die or other teething problems when it rains.

Ramkisson added that he lives with his extended family and they are comfortable there; the area is some distance by boat to the farmlands located aback the village, where residents have large crops of ground provisions.

Originally he is from Campbellville, but at age four he moved to Busbee Dam and it has been his place of abode ever since. He has four children and a wife.

“I keep a low profile and live normal because fancy gallop is nuff problems and you invite trouble when you like a swag life with full of glitter; simple living is the best way to go, that is, for me and my family,” he said.