Police target vehicles with colourful headlamps

A senior officer points to a vehicle using coloured lights

SEVERAL motorists using coloured lights on their headlamps were escorted to Traffic Headquarters, Eve-Leary, during a police crackdown on Thursday.

The use of coloured lights is in breach of Regulations 34 (1) (a) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations Chapter 51:02, which speak to Illumination.

The exercise was spearheaded by Deputy Traffic Chief, Deputy Superintendent, Joseph Jack with the assistance of Traffic Education Officer, Inspector Raun Clarke and 30 other police ranks.

Similar exercises were carried out in regional divisions, numbers two and seven.
In Region Two, the exercise was spearheaded by Inspector T. Griffith while in Region Seven by Inspector C. Hooke.

Regulation 34 (1) (a) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 51:02 states “Every motor vehicle, the width of which does not exceed seven feet, other than a two-wheeled motorcycle not having a side car attached thereto and an invalid carriage, on any road, during the hours of darkness shall carry two lamps, each showing to the front a white light visible from a reasonable distance.”