Boston’s 6 win Halley’s dominoes feature


ORIN Boston’s 6 emerged winners of the Frederick Halley feature dominoes tournament held on Monday night last at Everest Cricket Club pavilion, Camp Road, Georgetown.

In a fiercely contested encounter which went right down to the wire, Boston’s 6 tallied 79 games to edge out Beharry’s 6 on 77 and Halley’s 6 which ended in cellar position on 74.

The game wasn’t decided until the final sitting after only one game separated the three teams, both Beharry Halley’s teams deadlocked on 63 and Boston’s 6 a mere one game away on 62.

In the end, Boston’s 6 prevailed after marking 17 games in the final sitting which saw Beharry’s 6 scoring 14 and Halley’s 6 managing 12 games.

Sonia Goodluck led the way for Boston’s with 17 games while John Freeman supported with 15. Skipper Boston, who played through, made 13 in his first three sittings and 14 in the other three.

The top players in Beharry’s 6 were Roderick Harry with 15 games and Mark Welch who marked 14.

For Halley’s 6, Edmund Sammy topped with 15 games while there were 14 and 13 games respectively for Ravi Shivnauth and Frederick Halley.

The game was organised by Manniram “Packer” Shew while the trophies were sponsored by Halley.