AFC standing strong


Dear Editor,
LIKE many, or all, of us as humans, we are always awaiting our birth dates, wedding anniversaries or the dates of that special day to hold that celebration of making it to another year or another level or one step upward. We celebrate, knowing what we went through in the past, and start to plan for the days ahead and a long future.
The AFC celebrated its 14th birthday on October 29, 2019. Before I go on, let me take this opportunity to extend to the AFC family, friends and supporters all over the world, “Happy 14th Anniversary and most of all, thank you to the founders of the AFC for forming such a STRONG, VIBRANT and DEMOCRATIC Party”. The AFC was founded by three well-grounded and groomed politicians who came from different political backgrounds and beliefs, but had one common goal, which is to ensure that Guyana moves positively forward, whereby all Guyanese can be treated equally, no matter their religious beliefs, political affiliations, race, status, sexual orientation, etc.

Those three well-grounded and groomed politicians are, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, the late Ms Sheila Holder, and Mr. Raphael Trotman, who were all Members of Parliament at the time for their various political parties, but yet stood their ground and moved away from their political parties as MPs to form the AFC. Those three persons created history by forming the first-ever strong and united Third Party, the AFC, in Guyana, and I do believe in the Caribbean. They pooled their time, energy and resources together in ensuring that they fulfilled the purpose they set out to do, and moreover to better serve Guyana.

Since the formation of the AFC, it has been working hard to ensure that Guyanese are fully and truly represented at all levels, be it nationally or regionally. The AFC created and continues to have a positive impact on the way Guyana needs to be and move, which is in the positive\right direction. This party, since its birth and unto today, will continue to be in the future a “GRASSROOT PARTY”; a party that believes in speaking out against injustices and corruption; a party that will continue to fight for the people of Guyana so that all can be equal; a party that stood up-to-date for the people of this land, so that they can be better treated and represented; a party that works hard, day after day, towards ensuring there is a better and united Guyana for all, Etc. Over the past 14 years, the AFC has served Guyana and its people well, and will continue to do so, no matter what it takes, because the AFC has STRONG LEADERSHIP AND TRUE REPRESENTATION.

The AFC, since its birth, started to see the growth and a wide cross-section of Guyanese from all walks of life, political spectrums and all corners of Guyana becoming members and supporters of its works and beliefs to date. The AFC is growing; this is a party that enjoys debates amongst its membership, while respect must and is being given when and where it is due and maintained at all times, no matter what the conversations or forums are.
Since its birth, the AFC has grown from strength to strength, no matter what comes it’s way. This party has stood the test of time, and will continue to do so, no matter what, because, like in every political party or organisation, there are rough and muddy waters at times; everyone tries their best to make it smooth as possible, so that the strength of the party can be shown to all.

Since the AFC’s formation, and it went into its first elections, it started to gain more momentum and support by winning more and more seats in the National Assembly, the country’s highest decision-making body. While in the National Assembly, the AFC represents the people of this land equally, and still continues to do so. The AFC is the only party before 2018 to lay in the National Assembly a no-confidence motion that had the PPP running and sheltering as they shut down the parliament for several months. Considering the young age of the AFC in 2015, the party plays the most and very important role by joining hands with several other parties (APNU) to throw out the PPP, which was in power for 23 years. In 23 years, no other party or parties could have done what the AFC did in 2015. The AFC holds the balance of power in this country unto today. Since 2015 in government, the AFC continues to work hard at ensuring that the government of the day servse all Guyanese, no matter what, and to ensure that all are being treated fairly and justly.

As the AFC celebrates 14 years as a major political party in Guyana, I want to thank the founders for putting together such a strong and solid political party that continues to struggle and fight for a better Guyana, where all Guyanese can be respected and looked to as one. The AFC is HERE, AND HERE TO STAY, no matter what the critics have to say. The party is being criticised by those that see the strength in it, and wants to make it weak, but that won’t happen, because the AFC is made up of a strong leadership and membership-base that are always ready to defend the rights of the party at any moment that it is called for. To all members of my AFC family, “Happy Anniversary” and let’s continue to celebrate all year round as we grow stronger and stronger, and from strength to strength. Let’s continue to support our leaders as they strive to better our party and Guyana at large.
As a party, we are once more in testing times but let’s hold strong as we usually do and ensure that those that want to say and believe we are no more keep talking because they make us stronger and stronger every day. They make us a household name day after day and moreover, they can’t test our strength because we are “STEADFAST AND STRONG”

Abel Seetaram
Region 5