GECOM welcomes EU observer mission

GECOM Commissioner Charles Corbin

A EUROPEAN UNION (EU) team visited the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Tuesday and has indicated that they are prepared to mount an observer mission along with other stakeholders in Guyana, Government-nominated Commissioner, Charles Corbin said.
Speaking to reporters after a meeting on Tuesday, Corbin said the commission welcomes the EU involvement and the necessary support will be extended to facilitate the observation mission.

Further, he said the commission is open to receiving any assistance which corresponds with their necessary needs.

“Most of the major countries, Canada, the US, the EU which have engaged with the commission have made their services available to provide any needed support. We already have had interventions through diplomatic channels to facilitate some of the work that we are doing to aid our operations and that will continue,” he said.
Corbin noted that the timeframe for the observer mission will be pre-, peri-, and post elections.

Meanwhile, he said all the views expressed at the commission on how to treat transactions during the claims and objections period have all been properly ventilated by all members of the commission.

“I think at this point, from my assessment, it is a question of decisions that have to be made, what has been happening is that there has been a repetition of views that have previously been expressed, and positions that have been adopted as a result of all the information that is available,” Corbin said.

He said the GECOM chair will have to weigh in with a definitive position on where to go in relation to several areas of interest.

Corbin explained that all the data during the house-to-house registration has been encoded and publishing the data will commence from Thursday, October 24.
Further he said that the commission is expected to meet again this week.
Opposition-nominated Commissioner, Sase Gunraj, said that the meeting was another marathon with no decisions taken and it was expected that a decision will be made this week.

He explained that data from the house-to-house registration will be published for public scrutiny and it was yet to be decided how the information will be treated.