Friendship takes action


Dear Editor,
WE applaud the quick action of His Excellency the President of Guyana.  We in Friendship have taken responsibility and action by having a community meeting, a vigil and 100+ signatures on a ‘NEVER AGAIN’ petition.  We are very sad at the continued accident tragedies on the East Bank road and especially in Friendship.

The benefits to the families of the deceased and a Commission of Inquiry are all important, but will it stop the next horrendous accident?  The answer is NO.
We have signed the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ petition.

We want changes on the roads in Friendship and on the East Bank.  We are calling on the President and the Ministers of Public Security and Infrastructure to take the same quick action now.

Problem                                 What needs to be done
1.  Only two MPH signs in Friendship….eight are needed
2.  Limited Traffic Police presence….more presence daily
3.  Signs 80mph………..Lower the speed limit to 40-50mph
4.  No police outpost between Grove and Timehri…police outpost needed at mid-point
5.  No jagged/rubberised strips across road in Friendship (as done on the West Demerara road to Parika)…four strips needed in Friendship

Why can’t the administration install electronic speed signs so the real-time speed can be shown to all drivers?  We are sure that the government’s mandate is to save lives and not allow a free-for-all system on the roads.  NEVER AGAIN!!!
Denise Murray
Friendship resident