President Granger’s APNU+AFC coalition guarantees fair distribution of oil and gas resources


Dear Editor,
THE nation, and wider world, those parts that have been familiar with the governance of the PPP/C for its over two decades in office, would know that this country’s resources have been cornered by the business sector, and friends and cronies.
It was systematically carried out in a manner, which although disguised as legitimate business, served as a cover for the biggest acts of pillage ever occurring in this country. In fact, it has always been contended that such de-gutting could not have taken place without collusion of this sector. But this was with political blessings with nothing to fear, since those who committed these offences against the state had political protection.

Even where there should have been opportunities for legitimate participation by citizens, such as contract-bidding, these were given in a discriminatory manner to the business class, and other related types – all friends and cronies of the government, the cabal. Editor, it is believed that these were the two categories or combined category, to which the president may have been referring, when he addressed the massive Linden crowd last weekend. Please see “Petroleum proceeds to benefit all Guyanese, not one cabal or one group of businessmen – President Granger,” News Source October 07, 2019.

It is significant that the President has made this statement, especially against what has been the political background that commenced since 2015, to undermine his government. There must be no resort to diplomatic language here, for ever since the EXXON announcement of oil discoveries, the same collective has, by their naked actions, make their intentions clear – CONTROL THE OIL AND GAS!; and given the political forces that support this pole goal, this can only be an intended repeat of the pre-2015 PPP/C governance landscape. It explains all the desperation, in the form of lies, misinformation and fake news that has been originating from this component of the PPP/C bandwagon. It reminds one of the European and other leaders who gathered 130 years ago at the infamous Berlin Conference to carve up the continent of Africa, and demarcate borders which influenced the groundwork for much of the conflicts on the continent that subsequently took place.

President Granger is consistently clear as to the fair distribution of oil benefits for all Guyanese, with it not being confined to the politically privileged and its cohorts.
Editor, there will be enough for every Guyanese from which to benefit, and therefore, no one category or class of Guyanese must ever believe that this nation’s patrimony is the coveted preserve or custodial privilege of theirs. There is already a serious socio-economic imbalance that exists in this country, compliments of a well-known type of situation alluded to above. That it had been deliberate in its construct, needs no repeat or re-emphasis here. It is a stark fact, which, in essence, has created a groundswell for serious discontent, which must be remedied.

We are indeed fortunate that the discovery of hydrocarbons affords not only a God-given opportunity to correct this grave socio-economic imbalance that has become entrenched in sections of our daily lives, but also to bring about equality in the quality of life that should be lived, and the opportunities for making this a reality. This can only become a reality when every Guyanese man, woman and child, be it vendor, clerk, artisan, small and medium-sized stall holder, the citizen in the street, etcetera, be a part of this coming bonanza.

It is only a David Granger-led administration that can make this a just reality for all the people of this nation, as has been amply demonstrated by his government’s policies that has been benefitting all Guyanese; and not the former culture of greed that had willfully garnered and confined the material resources of this nation for the well- known cabal with political blessings. This must not happen again, especially with our oil and gas resources.

Earl Hamilton