Progress was sabotaged after the death of President Cheddi Jagan


Dear Editor,
I AGREE with Mr Clement Rohee that October 5, 1992, was “a work in progress,’’ but he should not have ended it there. He should have added that “progress’’ was sabotaged after the death of President Cheddi Jagan.

Mr Rohee has been in the PPP’s ruling circles to know that had Dr Jagan lived, he would never have sanctioned the run-away corruption and display of abuse of power as we saw during the Jagdeo years, and even under Ramotar.

Mr Rohee knows that Dr Jagan would not have agreed to collusion with death squads and drug dealers, and would have seen as rank political opportunism, the celebration by the PPP as a victory the benefit from a political opponent “crossing the floor.’’ The PPP had suffered from the treachery of its own leaders who had crossed over to the PNC, though the party recovered and moved on to win the 1992 elections.

It will be poetic justice when the APNU+AFC Coalition wins the 2020 elections in spite of the betrayal of Charandass, and the treachery of the PPP cabal.
October 5, 1992, was tainted by the opportunism and greed of those who hijacked the “victory’’ and turned it into “shame.’’

Rovin Singh