Haitians in Guyana launch Association


ON September 29, the Association of Haitian Nationals launched its operations. AHNIG is a non-profit organisation, designed to help Haitian nationals to better contribute to the Guyanese society and to facilitate interaction with the authorities. The idea of the association stemmed from a group of Haitian migrants and expats who issued on April 7, the Declaration of Pegasus capturing the essence of the initiative.

Several Guyanese figures, alongside scores of Haitian migrants and expats, participated in the launch. Expressing his appreciation for the establishment of the association, expat Jean Ricot Dormeus stated that the community was making history by launching the Association of Haitian Nationals in Guyana (AHNIG) and stressed the importance of mutual service, continuing education and hard work to prosper in Guyana and to contribute to society.

Pastor Ulrick Thibaud encouraged the participants to stick to love and unity as a way to achieve lasting success. Expat Jhonson Alexandre retraced the journey that has led to the formation of AHNIG and expat Jean Alexandre moderated the launch as MC, while promoting fraternity and common good.

The plenary of the Haitian association adopted its by-laws and selected an acting executive council chaired by Mr Pierre Eric Jean, who expressed gratitude to the Guyanese people who have shown empathy and appreciation for the Haitian nationals in Guyana.