‘You’re Number One’

Prime Minister, Hon. Moses Nagamootoo and Director of Sport, Christopher Jones donate a quantity of sport gear to the Port Kaituma community

…President Granger promises massive transformation for Region One
…talks up development in communities in last four years

“People call it Region Number One, but I call it the number one region. It should be number one in mining, number one in agriculture, number one in eco-tourism, so this is my message to you today, do not believe that you are bush, do not believe that you are in the backdam, believe that like every other Guyanese, you have a say in this great country,” President David Granger told hujndreds at a government outreach in Port Kaituma in the Barima-Waini Region on Friday.

Another section of the gathering at the outreach

He asked the Barima-Waini residents to look around them and gain cognisance of the developments happening in their communities within the last four years. For the first time, Port Kaituma benefited from concrete roads and other infrastructural development, in addition to better services and the upgrading of the quality of amenities coming to their homes, such as clearer water. These areas of development were only made possible through APNU-AFC Policy for Regional Development that was embarked on, with the formation of the four new towns in the hinterland district. The Barima-Waini Region is now manned by the township of Mabaruma. As a result of this, development is being trickled down in sub-region district and citizens from the outlying communities and villages are also benefiting.

President Granger assured the residents that the oil wealth will propel extensive development in Region One, which will be on top of the list for massive transformation.
One of the sectors that will receive tremendous attention is the education sector, as the Head of State believes that the country is in safer hands with an educated population. The Coalition Government is preparing to launch the Decade of Development, which will commence in 2020 and education will be on the list of priorities.

“Education is the gateway to equality and this is one of our big priorities during this Decade of Development, when you are educated…. what matters is that you are a citizen, you have the knowledge and the skills and the talent to transform your lives and the lives of your family and also your country.”

The coalition’s plan to provide free university education to qualified students will also be realised in 2020, the President promised. In Region One, he said, schools will be upgraded and expanded, the Public Education Transportation Service will benefit more communities and other aspects of the Five Bs will be extended to the length and breadth of Barima-Waini.

Several residents from all the villages across Region One attended the outreach

Other developmental plans for the region, outlined by President Granger, is the establishment of a radio station in Port Kaituma through the Public Broadcasting Service and the upgrading of the Port Kaituma airstrip. President Granger’s address came after he received a hearty welcome into Port Kaituma. Scores of residents lined the streets in coalition colours, waving the Golden Arrow Head in the spirit of patriotism. Many held up placards welcoming him and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, to their community.

While some PPP protesters attempted to disrupt the event with chants of the President being illegal, their voices were drowned by the screams and celebratory applause by those who packed the Community Ground in support of the event. After realising they were overpowered, the small group of protestors quickly left the venue.

Present at the event were several ministers of government and officials, who engaged

School children were on hand for the outreach

residents at their respective booths as part of the mobile government initiative. These include Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo; Minister of State, Dawn Hastings-Williams; Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence; Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix; Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally; Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Annette Ferguson; and Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Keith Scott.