Autopsy reveals US-based chef was murdered

Dead: Andre Gordon

— friend remains in police custody

AN autopsy on US-based Guyanese, Andre Gordon, whose body was found in his Kitty, Georgetown apartment last Sunday morning, revealed that he was manually strangled.

The nude body of Gordon, 52, was discovered on the kitchen floor of the apartment. A 51-year-old friend of the slain US-based chef is in custody assisting with investigations.
Reports indicate that the friend related to police that he did indeed visit Gordon’s home but never entered, since he called out for Gordon but received no answer.

The police arrested the friend after obtaining CCTV footage in the area.

Another friend discovered Gordon’s body on the kitchen floor at 09:30 hrs on Sunday and contact was made with the police.

Security camera footage also showed Gordon and a woman, believed to be a foreign national, entering the same residence last week Friday night. The woman was seen leaving alone on Saturday morning.

Valuables were carted off from the premises. There was no sign of forced entry to the house, but a sliding door and grill door were unlocked.

Gordon reportedly arrived in Guyana on September 9 to train some local chefs and was supposed to return home last Tuesday.

Gordon worked as a chef at Four Seasons Vegetarian Restaurant on Church Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.