The mayor must not be intimidated in the execution of his duties


Dear Editor,

THE situation at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council is a sad one. It’s extremely sad when we have seen the issues facing the city, know the problem, but refuse to fix these. One of the major issues facing City Hall is the extent of long-standing agents who are responsible for what “Georgetowners” have faced in the past, but continue to hold their positions as if there aren’t systems set up to save citizens from failures, especially those as gross as what we have seen by this municipality since the PPP government.

Editor, Chief Constable Andrew Foo is not the only failed officer that the councillors should investigate, but also all those who have failed in the execution of their duties. I could not help noticing two of the youngest councillors calling the vote against Foo unjust. I am not surprised, since we are aware that a former mayor, who is still very bitter about being replaced by the young breath of fresh air who is Pandit Ubraj Narine, is spreading influence to have her party members not give him their support.

After all, some things that could have been done before the young mayor does not tolerate. It must however be noted that the NCM against Foo came from a party colleague of the young critics and several more of their colleagues made up the 19 persons vote that called for Foo’s removal. This man has been chief constable forever and outside of official events, I have never seen this man making random visits to locations for which he is responsible. When last have ranks been trained, or drilled? His constant claim is lack of resources. Is it a lack of resources that saw the failure of the chief for years to renew licences for the council’s firearms? No, it was his laissez-faire and complacent attitude to his job which caused this and this is the attitude of several other officers. They have become comfortable with the negative reviews and criticisms of the council’s failures. And to add insult to injury, they have learnt to make themselves and those close to them very comfortable with the city’s resources while citizens ache.

Mayor Narine I have seen so far is pressing to improve the council. He is doing a wonderful job but there are agents against him. Certain councillors are colluding with officers to continue to plunder the council. When President Granger placed Mayor Narine in that office he knew exactly what he was doing. And I implore him to speak out against the tag teaming that is taking place against him by the long-standing councillors who want to control the council. The mayor must not be intimidated in the execution of his duties and more investigations should be held against failed officers.

Nazeema Mohamed