Miss NIS Jubilee Pageant set for September 21

Delegates of the ‘Miss NIS Jubilee Pageant’

THE National Insurance Scheme (NIS) will be advocating against “body shaming” through its upcoming ‘Miss NIS Jubilee Pageant’, which is said to be a highlight of the organisation’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

The event, which promises to be one of sophistication, dignity and excitement, will have its stage being graced by the presence of 16 of the organisation’s hardworking women on September 21 at the National Cultural Centre.

Delegates will be representing NIS’ Georgetown, Port Mourant, New Amsterdam, Fort Wellington, Linden and Essequibo community branches.

The event was organised by the agency’s 50th Anniversary Committee to encourage positive achievement through the assistance of nurturing and building better camaraderie amongst NIS’ community branches.

The event also aims to create accomplishments, healthy living and community involvement of the organisation’s diligent women, regardless of colour, creed, age, race or shape.

In an interview with the ‘Buzz’, Chairman of the 50th Anniversary Committee, Keith Allicock, stated that the pageant will be a channel used by the entity to strongly advocate against body shaming, “for every woman has the right to feel beautiful in their skin.”

Additionally, the event will be aiming to enhance the image of NIS and its Customer Service.

Tickets cost only $2,000 and $1,500, and are available at the National Cultural Centre’s Box Office.

The NIS officially turns 50 on September 29, 2019.