Cops involved in accidents get refresher driving course

Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Linden Isles address ranks at the Remedial Driving Programme

THE Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), on Monday, launched a ‘Remedial Driving Programme’ for ranks of the GPF who were involved in accidents with force’s vehicles in 2019.

The initiative is a new one that will be conducted at Traffic Headquarters under the guidance of Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent, Linden Isles, and is expected to last for two weeks.

During the programme, the ranks will be required to go through the practical and theoretical aspects of driving, covering topics such as defensive driving, principles of steering and cornering, traffic signs, signals and markings to name a few.

During addressing the participants, Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent, Linden Isles, urged them to remain disciplined and take full advantage of the programme while reminding them that as policemen they are here to serve and protect and are supposed to be setting an example for other road users to follow.

Traffic Chief Isles also explained that a monitoring system will be put in place to evaluate the ranks upon completion of the course and if they are involved in other accidents and found to be at fault, their force permit to drive will be revoked.