Grimes ready for his inaugural CAC Championships

Yannick Grimes, who finished third at the GBBFF Senior National Championships earlier this month, is looking to be at his peak in the Dominican Republic this October.

ONE of Guyana’s top Physique bodybuilders, Yannick Grimes, is ready to take part in his inaugural Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, which is scheduled for October in the Dominican Republic.

The Space Gym athlete said that attending the tournament has been a dream of his since he began competing in 2014.

Despite limitations, due to expenses and logistics, Grimes has not given up on his dream.

“This year I’ve set my sights on it (CAC) and was able to garner sponsorship towards my preparation and travel and now I am locked and focussed on competing.”

As Grimes’ career advances, so does his dream, which now is not just reaching CAC, but progressing to the level where he uses it as a launch pad.

“I look at CAC as the pinnacle of bodybuilding in the Caribbean, but with there being so many elite pro shows coming now, I want to use this as a stepping-stone towards 2020 where I’ll look to push for higher heights.”

He finished third in the Mr Physique division at the GBBFF Senior National Championships, held at the National Cultural Centre earlier this month, so the 32-year-old is no stranger to the stage.

He is one of only two persons to have ever won the title (along with Emmerson Campbell).  He has that achievement (Mr Physique 2017) along with a string of podium finishes over the years.

These include: third at the 2014 Flex Night International; third at the 2015 Men’s Physique Novices Championship; second place in the 2015 Supligen’s Senior National Championship (Mr Physique); third place at the 2015 Flex Night Men’s Physique; second place in the 2016 Senior National Championships (Mr Physique); third place (short class) in the 2016 Sports World Classic; third place (short class) 2016 Darcy Beckles Invitational Classic; 2017 Sports World Classic 4th Place (short class); second place in the 2017 Eddy Wilson Tribute International and second place in the Senior National Championships (Physique) in 2018.

Grimes started to train for CAC in June, but had to change his routine to prepare for the Seniors (a competition he did not originally plan to attend). I had to switch gear in terms of my training, add supersets and work more on my conditioning.”

The personal trainer also worked on bringing out the definition and thickness in his back and shoulders.

With more time to train for the October 11-14 event, Grimes, who has been in the gym since 2008, is confident that he can be at his peak on competition day.

A number of businesses have stepped up to represent the national bodybuilder, including BK International, Star Party Rentals (mainly Mr Cush), Space Gym (mainly Mr Matos, John Lewis Styles, Windjammer International, Shakie Mining Company, Stefan John, The D & J Group Inc.