It is an affront to Guyanese that Irfaan Ali is being touted as a potential leader


Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see a letter published in Wednesday Kaieteur News talking to Irfaan Ali’s vision for the future and oil.

To present the man as having a vision for the future is the exactly the sort of lie we have come to expect from the PPP and its stooges. Irfaan Ali must rank as one of Guyana’s most dishonest men. He has still not come clean about his education, a red flag to any self-respecting Guyanese and a question of his qualification to hold the highest office in Guyana. He has been charged with 19 counts of fraud highlighting his character and sure sign of things to come once oil revenues begin to flow.

He has been banned from entering Canada – if those in the Canadian Government don’t trust him enough to let him into their country, why should we trust him to run ours? It is an affront to the Guyanese people that we are being asked to consider Irfaan Ali as a potential leader. More than this, it is a demonstration of how rotten the PPP is at its core, where dishonesty and criminal activity are rewarded, and how detached the party is from the people of Guyana and the issues they face.

As we look forward to the proceeds of oil production, it is clear to me that we cannot go back to the days of the past under the PPP. Our country is at cross roads and the choice we will face at the next elections will determine the long-term future. We cannot risk a return to the criminality and greed of the previous regime. Under Irfaan Ali, a man with no leadership qualities and a pathological tendency for dishonesty, oil will become a force for chaos on a scale Guyanese have not yet seen. The only people licking their lips at the prospect of this are Irfaan Ali himself and his cronies.

We are on the right path now under the current government, after decades of mismanagement and destruction under the PPP. We must ensure we stick to this path and ensure oil is not used as a vehicle to enrich Irfaan Ali and his cabal, but that it is used to underpin the government’s plans for education and jobs and better life and standard of living for all Guyanese.

Mark DaCosta