PPP/C wants to force President’s hand on GECOM


–to hold elections without a credible voter’s list

Dear Editor,
PLEASE permit me space in your newspaper to respond to a statement that was publicly made on the “Matters of Public Importance Programme”, which was hosted by PPP/C Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira on August 15, 2019 on CNS Television Station Ch. 6.
According to Teixeira, “The president has not abided by the Constitution since the CCJ ruled”.

Editor, it is so embarrassing and misleading to listen to Ms. Teixeira, who is one of the most recognised politician in the Opposition PPP/C publicly trying to mislead the Guyanese nation with false propaganda. When the no-confidence motion was passed in the National Assembly in December 2018, in February 2019, President Granger committed to securing parliamentary funding for holding general elections, and affording GECOM sufficient time to prepare for the polls. He also specifically advised the Commission to begin preparations for Guyanese to go to the polls.
In addition, The Court decided, therefore, that the most sensible approach to operationalise Article 161 (2) was for the Opposition Leader and the President to communicate with each other in good faith, and to perhaps even meet to discuss the eligibility of each candidate for Chairman before the list is formally submitted.

President David Granger and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo arrived at a consensus on the selection of the new chairperson of GECOM. Justice(ret’d) Claudette Singh was selected by the President from a list of six names proposed by the Opposition Leader in keeping with the ruling of the CCJ.

At this moment, I am really trying to understand in what way the president is not abiding by the CCJ’s ruling. According to my understanding, the president has performed his duties and responsibilities to have finance for GECOM to prepare for the general and regional elections, and have a chairperson appointed.

So Ms. Teixeira, please be reminded that GECOM is a constitutional and autonomous body, and cannot be dictated to by the President, who has said, ad nauseam, that he will announce a date for the elections when he is so advised by the GECOM.
So the Opposition expectation for the president to bully GECOM cannot occur, because he has not exhibited any inclination that the executive will interfere with or intervene in GECOM’s mandate. We as Guyanese need to seek the relevant information and not be misled by the PPP/C and their trickery.

Ceion Rollox