Guyana showcases rich culture at CARIFESTA

A replica of Guyana's Stabroek Market towers over the Avenue of the Caribbean at the Grand Market at the Queen's Park Savannah. This edifice houses the craft and art merchandise brought by the participating countries (Vishani Ragobeer photo)

THE 100-strong Guyanese delegation currently in Trinidad for CARIFESTA XIV is showcasing the country’s rich and diverse culture, Social Cohesion Minister, Dr. George Norton said.
CARIFESTA XIV got underway on Friday, August 16 with a massive ‘Parade of Nations’ where each of the participating countries marched down the road.

Guyana has already started to leave an indelible impression on spectators and participants at CARIFESTA XIV, with its performance at the Parade of Nations which was held on Friday at the Queen’s Park Savannah (Vishani Ragobeer photo)

Guyana left an indelible impression on the spectators and other participants through its unique show of the various ethnic groups and while being where all the “hype” was.
“We’re taking this opportunity to show to the Caribbean and the rest of the world who we actually are,” Dr. Norton underscored.

Over the 10 days of CARIFESTA, the social cohesion minister opined that the Guyana delegation will definitely be illustrating innovation to the rest of the Caribbean. This will be done through every aspect the country is engaging in, from drama and dance, to art and craft.

“Culture is a dynamic something, it keeps constantly changing and we hope that we’ll be able to show the new changes that we have,” he said. This will capitalise on the diverse plural society it encompasses, by having smaller delegations representing each indigenous group.

Trinidadian masqueraders delighted the crowd on the opening day of the Grand Market of CARIFESTA XIV at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Saturday (Vishani Ragobeer photo)

Cognisant that the host country, Trinidad is noted for hosting many international activities and large events, the minister noted that the Guyanese will also be paying keen attention to Trinidad’s way of ‘doing things’ while learning from the country’s shortcomings.
“We are not too far behind in terms of getting our act together,” he affirmed, adding that: “I hope we will learn from the mistakes of Trinidad.”

On Saturday, the CARIFESTA ‘Grand Market’ opened at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain. Here, Guyana showcased its food, fashion, arts and craft, among others through the festival.

Moreover, the ‘market’ encompassed various sections including food area and the fashion square. These sections have been designed replicas of landmarks and monuments across the Caribbean. Guyana’s Stabroek Market stands tall along the Avenue of the Caribbean and houses all of the craft and art merchandise.