Stakeholders praise installation of CCTV cameras

One of the Safe City CCTV Systems installed on South Road, Georgetown.

WITH an increased sense of security and reassurance, particularly in areas where the crime rate is high, persons are praising the implementation of the CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras in Georgetown.

Market vendor, Stacy Bradshaw

Over 100 surveillance cameras have been strategically placed across the city as part of the Safe City System which was recently activated.
The Safe City System is a component of the US$36M National Broadband Project, which was funded by the China Exim (Export-Import) bank and implemented through the services of Huawei.

Private Sector Commission (PSC) Chairman, Captain Gerry Gouveia, has applauded the move by the Public Security Ministry and stakeholders for installing the CCTV surveillance system.

He noted that the video feed will contribute to assisting law enforcement in their efforts to solve crimes while also acting as a deterrent.

Gouveia said the PSC will be meeting Minister Khemraj Ramjattan soon to find out how the cameras would benefit the business community in cases of robberies and other incidents.
Andrew Singh, a minibus driver for the past 27 years, said he is very pleased that the CCTV cameras are in operation since traffic lawlessness is innumerable.

“The commissioner should really review the cameras situated on Stabroek Market and he would see some of the things being done and persons should be fined, because if they don’t get serious about it then the cameras are not being fully used,” he said.
He said the drinking and driving culture, untidy appearance, tinted minibuses and a number of traffic violations occur on a daily basis.

Minibus driver, Andrew Singh

“Since the cameras are out here things remain the same, so I guess a campaign has to be started in order for things to be done.”
According to Singh, robberies are still occurring.

“I just heard a girl stopped the bicycle police and told them that she just got robbed and someone gone with her phone,” he said.

However, he praised the setting up of the CCTV cameras, noting that the relevant authorities must take actions against persons who break the laws.
Market vendor, Stacy Bradshaw also praised the initiative, saying she feels safer now.
“I have been a vendor for the past 10 years and I have seen all kinds of things; this is a very good effort by the government and I would like to see more done by the government,” she said.

Businesswoman, Kota Thornhill

Businesswoman Kota Thornhill said the CCTV cameras can be considered a public good since she has been operating in the Stabroek Market area for the past 15 years.
“This will benefit everyone on the market, especially tourist, who will feel more secure when they are walking around; this will give the authorities a lot of information on what is taking place on the market so they can make things better,” Thornhill said.
She said the CCTV cameras are comforting and persons will depend on its footage when illegalities occur.

“I have been doing business for 34 years and it’s a good initiative since security is very important to develop businesses,” she said.
Taxi drivers plying their trade at Stabroek Market are delighted about the placement of the cameras in the City.

Chairman of the PSC Captain Gerry Gouveia

Several drivers agreed that should something untoward occur, citizens will be relying on the authorities to extract information from the CCTV system to solve the crime.

“I hope they are monitoring these things and all are active, because people on the park behaving is like dummy cameras they set up here, people still doing whatever they feel like, I want them to start getting things done and charging people,” one taxi driver said.
Minister Ramjattan is excited at the possibilities the new system and pilot project offers. He said the pilot project in Georgetown will be launched countrywide.

“This is just going to be one of the best developments for our country in relation to matters of security and to see the capacities and capabilities being built in, to ensure that we can literally track vehicles, track suspects to the extent of knowing where they are, at what time they would have been there. This technology will enhance the capacities of the police to do their work,” Minister Ramjattan said.

Businesswoman, Kota Thornhill