GCF Elections fiasco continues; AGM & Elections constitutionally adjourned

GCF president Horace Burrowes

THE Guyana Cycling Federation’s (GCF) Annual General Meeting and Elections which were supposed to be held on Tuesday afternoon at Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) building in Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara, came to an abrupt end after a vote deemed the meeting constitutionally adjourned.

The AGM, which was scheduled for 15:00hrs, started over 40 minutes later. Just a few minutes into the meeting, former Assistant treasurer of the GCF, William Howard, made an objection. He pointed out that constitutionally an AGM may be adjourned if it was started 20 minutes later than the stipulated time.

Due to Howard’s objection, the motion was put to a vote and carried for the meeting to be adjourned. This is despite GCF president Horace Burrowes’ earlier claims that only a few of the gathered members would be eligible to vote at the AGM and Elections, due to some of them not being in ‘good standing’ with the federation – something which would be determined by the federation’s General Council.

Surprisingly, the GCF president revealed that the GCF’s current General Council is made up only of himself, Maria Leung (GCF secretary) and Assistant Racing Secretary Joseph Britton; all of whom are from the same club, United We Stand Cycle Club.

Following the decision to adjourn the meeting, the next step, according to the constitution, is that another meeting be set seven (7) days after at the same time and same venue.
That new meeting, if the constitution is followed, will set the Elections and AGM for Tuesday (August 20). However, it is unclear whether or not Burrowes would still be in the jurisdiction on that date.