AFC urges youths to grab hold of educational opportunities


Dear Editor,
PROVIDING inclusive and equitable education, as defined in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, can only be achieved by making education accessible to all. The integration of technology within our classrooms is becoming a basic necessity in our efforts to transform the dynamics of education in Guyana, and providing an opportunity for our youth to compete at an international level in the globalized world that we live in.

The YFC urges all youths to grab hold of all educational opportunities, keeping in mind that an educated nation is the key to building a sustainable economy. As we look forward to the hundreds of investment opportunities that are before us in Agriculture/Agro-processing, Forestry, Tourism, Information & Communication Technology, Mining, Energy, and Manufacturing, we have to gear ourselves to meet the expected high demands that will soon reach our shores. As youths, we need to press forward with the daring, courageous and ambitious personalities that we possess.

YFC would like to take this time to recognise all the organisations that work tirelessly to bring awareness to cultural, legal and political issues affecting youth, and to individuals who sacrifice time, resources and effort to advocate on behalf of young people in Guyana.

The YFC is dedicated to the fight to ensure young people have their views equitably represented at all levels, and we salute and encourage all other organisations that represent youths to never get weary in such an honourable endeavour. There are many vulnerable and unrepresented groups of young persons in our society, and we all have a part to play in ensuring equality, equity and justice is enjoyed by every young person.

We commend the thousands of youths that are stepping forward on every platform and claiming their space in society. Let us continue to claim and protect the future that belongs to us.

To all youths and those who advocate on behalf of youths, we wish you a Happy International Youth Day 2019!