Green Power Solutions now authorised dealer of SunPower panels

Green Power Solutions Inc.’s CEO, Darren Ramdial

GREEN Power Solutions Inc. has today announced a new partnership with SunPowerTM, a leading manufacturer of high efficiency solar panels, to distribute SunPowerTM solar technology in Guyana.

Green Power Solutions Inc. is a subsidiary of the Nand Persaud Group.
According to the company, the SunPower panels are rated highly in the global market by consumers and have received many international awards.

“We are so happy to be on board with SunPowerTM… they are global leaders in solar panel innovation and technology. This is definitely a win for renewable energy in Guyana and we cannot wait to do more,” said Green Power Solutions Inc.’s CEO, Darren Ramdial.

According to Nand Persaud Group Marketing Executive, Cynthia Jagnandan, innovation is central to SunPower’s core, with solar technology developed and tested in Silicon Valley.
She explained that SunPower’s MaxeonTM solar panels offer higher efficiency and durability than conventional solar panels currently available on the market, providing homeowners more electricity over time.

The Marketing Exec said SunPower’s innovative MaxeonTM solar cells generate more energy than conventional solar cells, and are durable, even in extreme weather conditions.
Meanwhile, Jim Dawe, who is the VP of Global Sales, noted that “SunPower is proud to partner with Green Power Solutions Inc. in Guyana due to their experience with solar in the market and focus on high quality solutions.”

It was explained that SunPower customers can expect to receive up to 55 -60 per cent more energy in the same space compared to conventional solar panels, a savings potential that is already being taken advantage of in more than 500,000 homes worldwide.
SunPower panels are available for sale at Green Power Solution’s head office at Lot 1 Tain, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice.

Green Power Solutions Inc offers nationwide distribution of all products via its delivery network.