New well for Moco Moco

GWI Officials with Moco Moco Toshao, James George and Health Centre staff

THE Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), in its quest to create equity between the coastland and the hinterland, on Thursday, revealed plans to drill a water well in the village of Moco Moco, Region Nine.

During their visit to several communities in the region, GWI’s Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles; Executive Director of Hinterland Services, Ramchand Jailal and Region Nine Manager, John Yow, met with Moco Moco Toshao, James George,to discuss the way forward.

Director Jailal explained that works will commence in approximately two weeks and will include the drilling of a well and the laying of transmission and distribution mains.
He added that groundwater is a more secure and safe source of water and it can be easily pumped to the community since electricity is readily available there.

Dr. Van-West Charles proposed that the community provides the manpower
with guidance from GWI to get the job done.
The managing director asked the toshao to identify persons to be trained to service and maintain the system.

Toshao George welcomed the news, noting that it’s a step in the right direction for his village and that it is a dream come through.
Over 551 persons residing in Moco Moco and Moco Moco Settlement will benefit from this project.

In Massara, a section of the community did not have access to potable water and the residents were practising rainwater harvesting. However, GWI has since run 2.7km of pipelines to interconnect the entire system and provide service connections to residents. Works were also conducted to increase storage capacity for the community, allowing them six hours of water supply per day, compared to two hours or in some cases no water access.

Massara Toshao, Arnold Bartholomew, said the residents of section two are satisfied now that the pipes are in their yard and thanked GWI for the work done.

GWI connected pipelines and installed 25 service connections from an existing network to the western part of the community. Works were also done to ensure water is pumped faster to the well and a photovoltaic system will be installed to supply power to the network. Toshao Russian Dorrick thanked GWI and noted that the new network will significantly improve their everyday livelihoods.


Upon carrying out checkup visits at Sand Creek, Dr. Van-West Charles registered his dissatisfaction with the plumbing work at the health centre and assured that GWI will work to rectify the problem.
Additionally, he noted that works are progressing on the network in the community and he will ensure all systems are functioning before its commissioning.
Sand Creek Toshao, Maxie Pugsley expressed gratitude to Dr. Van-West Charles for his constant visits to see that works are carried out satisfactorily. (DPI)