BRAVA lubricants racing Evo to make debut Sunday

Stefan Jeffrey’s BRAVA lubricants racing Evo

GROUP three competitor Stefan Jeffrey will debut the BRAVA lubricants Mitsubishi Evolution in the newly announced MOTUL time attack series.

Jeffrey, who spoke to the media yesterday, explained that mechanical difficulties have once again sidelined the Automotive Art ‘Unruly’ Honda Civic but he will be racing.
The ‘street-ed’ out Mitsubishi Evolution IX is one among many road cars that will form part of the new series, organised by GMR&SC.

“Those who know the Evo know what it produces, but for those fans who are going to see it for the first time, we are going to `definitely blow some minds.”

“It’s a fully street legal car, it’s also my daily car that I drive and I want people to see that the same BRAVA lubricants that I use in my race car, I also use in my daily driven car.”
Stefan’s team of mechanics includes Justin Jardine, Kris Gonsalves, Mario Jardine, Junior Jacobs, while his sponsors include Automotive Art, Brava Lubricants and Cristal car care products.

The event begins at 09:00hrs. Admission for adults is $1 000 and children $500.
Sponsors include E-Networks, Tropical Shipping, BM Soat Auto Sales, Mohamed’s Enterprise, Miracle Optical, Choke Gas Station, Special Auto, Prem’s Electrical, Nexus Machine Shop, Blue Spring Water, Motor Trend, Ramchand Auto Spares, Power Line Automotive and KGM security.